Paintings            GARY BARTEN
Waterfall for Robdetail 1 - Waterfall for Robdetail 2 - Waterfall for Robdetail 3 - Waterfall for RobMeasuring the Immeasurable #3detail - Measuring the Immeasurable #3Measuring the Immeasurable #2detail - Measuring the Immeasurable #2Measuring the Immeasurabledetail - Measuring the ImmeasurableVerses: Presence and AbsenceVerses: Presence and Absence - detail #1Verses: Presence and Absence - detail #2Chapter: Truth... Leaves... Roots Chapter: Truth... Leaves... Roots - detailVerses: White carp, Starwell / Wanderluster NarrativeVerses: (detail) White Carp, StarwellVerses: (detail) Wanderluster NarrativeChapter: Memory's Manifold LightsChapter: Memory's Manifold Lights - detail #1Chapter: Memory's Manifold Lights - detail #2Vessel Verses: Give & Take Vessel Verses: Give & Take - detailChapter: Dropping a Line ; Sky NetChapter: Dropping a Line ; Sky Net - detailVerses: Here & GoneVerses: Here & Gone - detail #1Verses: Here & Gone - detail #2Verse: Here & Gone - detail #3Verses: Catch & ReleaseVerses: Catch & Release - detail of CatchVerses: Catch & Release - detail of ReleaseChapter: Planting the Perennial PathChapter: Planting the Perennial Path - detailChapter: Tearing the Pages from InfinityChapter: Tearing the Pages from Infinity - detailChapter: Landing; Trough to ValleyChapter: Landing; Trough to Valley - detailChapter: Inaccessible EpigraphChapter: Inaccessible Epigraph - detailChapter: New Nature Stories Chapter: New Nature Stories - detailChapter: Clay Vowels Chapter: Clay Vowels - detail Chapter: Blood Myths - Fiction Drift Chapter: Blood Myths - Fiction Drift
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