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Falling Seeds Study
Falling Seeds Study
ink, acrylic, and tempera on paper
14" x 29"
November 2017

Eternal Seeds of Change

The seasons suggest to us an on-going cycle of change stretching back in time beyond human history.

Our explorations of gravity and space are telling us about the way the universe has and will expand and contract over time. Locally, in the spans of our own lifetimes the seasons bridge sensate changes that allow us to mark time in a more visceral way. Today once again we are becoming more aware that the range of climate and weather unfolding with each new season is not constant but brings new patterns or perhaps a vast cycle of recurring ones to our environment.

Evolution suggests that nothing is either static nor should expect to continue eternally in one state but instead gives us evidence of a constantly shifting panorama of forms that creates our surroundings and ourselves as well. The seasons are foreground and background in this panorama and as winter approaches again this year on the high plateau around Santa Fe, NM the air cools and becomes drier. The ever present winds shift direction and a more evidently brittle plant life seems to rattle quietly in the passing breeze. On the ground seeds of every size and geometry are also carried along above and through the chaparral moving like the tumbleweed in fits and starts and in all directions.

Like the solar winds that course with energy through the reaches of space beyond our small blue planet, this multitude of cast seeds is blown across the landscape. The anticipation of daylight and solar energy is echoed in these small seeds each holding new plant-life that promises growth in the coming spring season. The movement of these seeds at our feet is a trace of the eternal quietly storing the changes that will unfold after winter subsides, our planet tipping slowly and bringing a different season to its northern and southern hemispheres.