Paintings            GARY BARTEN
Last Heat Weft of Autumndetail - Last Heat Weft of AutumnDry Ends of Autumndetail - Dry Ends of AutumnColder Sky Coming detail - Colder Sky ComingStudy for Autumn's Weave Leavingdetail - Study for Autumn's Weave Leaving
Autumn's Weave Leaving
Autumn’s Weave

We tend to think of autumn as the end of summer, its transition in the dying away of the surface of the natural world signaling winter’s approach. But perhaps autumn is in fact the time of year that weaves together summer and winter, completing the fabric of one year and preparing a surface on which the new year can be released. More like pages one atop the other, autumn’s expanse is woven out of summer, using a part of the anticipation of winter in that fabric as well. This woven canvas becomes the model for the blank page needed to record the coming year. Winter begins this process, assembling from deep within its frozen and dormant depth raw materials to be spun into the threads of the new year. A warp made from these threads is completed during the course of spring. Then summer and autumn weave together with the memory of winter at the ends of fall’s strands recording the annual cycle in a chronical fabric.