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New Year's Bridge 20-21 - Sunset and Returndetail - New Year's Bridge - Sunset and ReturnNew Year's Bridge - Hauge's Harbordetail - New Year's Bridge - Hauge's HarborNew Year's Bridge - Out and Backdetail - New Year's Bridge - Out and BackStudy for New Year's Bridge 20-21detail - Study for New Year's Bridge 20-21Paper Boat/Hat Sailing Under a Bridge
New Year's Bridge 20-21
It’s the Dream

It’s the dream we carry
that something wondrous will happen,
that it must happen –
time will open
hearts will open
doors will open
mountains will open
springs will gush forth from the ground–
that the dream itself will open,
that one morning we’ll drift
into a harbor we didn’t know was there.

Olav Hauge
(trans. Robert Hedin)