Paintings            GARY BARTEN
Taken to a New Atmospheredetail - Taken to a New Atmosphere'Taken to a New Wellspringdetail - 'Taken to a New Wellspring'Taken towards Clear Lightdetail - 'Taken towards Clear Light'Taken Back to Silencedetail - 'Taken Back to Silence'Taken by the Measure of Timedetail - 'Taken by the Measure of Time'Taken Back by the Elementsdetail - 'Taken Back by the Elements'Taken Away from Battle Fieldsdetail - 'Taken Away from Battle Fields'Taken Away from Radioactivitydetail - 'Taken Away from Radioactivity'Taken Towards Deeper Watersdetail - 'Taken Towards Deeper Waters'Taken into Safe Sunlightdetail - 'Taken into Safe Sunlight'
Ratha Wheels
The huge wheels of the Jagannath ratha –like the stone wheels that surround the Surya temple in preparation to convey the sun god –are a rolling means of deliverance. The temple car transports the effigy and the hearts and minds of those who contribute their energy to moving it. Deliverance becomes a passage to, into, away from, towards, or back to, a better and hopeful place or a damnable inevitability. The way of our transport is either paved with scented flowers or becomes a juggernaut and we cling to it as it reels forward through time.