Paintings            GARY BARTEN
Pozzo's Observatorydetail: Pozzo's ObservatoryWaiting for Oriondetail: Waiting for OrionPozzo's Secret Telescopedetail: Pozzo's Secret TelescopePozzo's Tourniquetdetail - "Pozzo's Tourniquet"Pozzo's Cracked CarapaceflangE toppLdetail - flangE toppLPozzo's Plankdetail: "Pozzo's Plank"Pozzo's New LungPozzo's NaosItalian Parade Helmet
c. 1590Pozzo Playa
While the term 'Grillenwerk' comes from the German Rococo for "bizarre fantasy," these ink paintings are not meant to be grotesque illustrations. Instead my intent is to question blind faith. Most of the ten paintings in this series include the name Pozzo in their titles. The reference is two-fold with either the Baroque Jesuit painter Fra Pozzo or the intelligent, domineering character in Becket's "Godot" making an appearance as reinforcements to the over-riding question referred to above. If an element of fantasy does exist in this work it is that of an unlikely architecture, one that threatens to topple at any moment. Living on the fault line in our ever-accelerated and often over-confident century, blind faith in the status quo, be it political, theological, ecological, technological, etc.,seems to warrant another look and even more deliberate questions than these paintings begin to ask. You decide.