Paintings            GARY BARTEN
Clotho (a1)Lachesis (a2)Atropos (a3)Clotho (b1)Lachesis (b2)Atropos (b3)Clotho (c1)Lachesis (c2)Atropos (c3)Clotho (d1)Lachesis (d2)Atropos (d3)Clotho (e1)Lachesis (e2)Atropos (e3)Cotho (f1)Lachesis (f2)Atropos (f3)Clotho (g1)Lachesis (g2)Atropos (g3)Clotho (h1)Lachesis (h2)Atropos (h3)Clotho (i1)Lachesis (i2)Atropos (i3)
Three Fates on Hope Street
This is my latest attempt to depict the theme of the three fates. These images were completed while living in Tony and Lizbee's big house on Hope St. in Bristol, RI. The titles are from the Greek designations of the three fates: Clotho - who spins the thread of life ; Lachesis - who measures the thread of life ; Atropos - who cuts the thread of life.