Paintings            GARY BARTEN
WindballTripod BourneSee Cicada SingSecret RenownScene ThroughRiseOff InstrumentNight VisionMatter of FactLimitLastHidden HeightInstinctive WordingBrittle Dried SoftlyBountyBye OwlA MWhittle AwayWhenWait HearShofarYoked With WingsSeconds AwayVainglory's MeteorRadiatorTuningPunished ChoiceTriskelonMispokenTake LeaveLift Me UpShooting StarsFor 2 & FroLittle Blazing GreenFellow Feathers FollowLet Drop LetEscape PlanLeaf BloodEcholocationFive Hand BellsDecadeFar Blue StarBlood MeterFall GuideBird Dream ChorusEnclose InAhura AltarCourseA Lot In LifeChestnut Histories
Full Circle
These paintings are part of a large body of work -30 pieces done over several years- that began in Temecula, CA at the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony and were completed in Oakland. The painting called “Windball” is emblematic to this series in that it represents our planet and the idea of the life cycles that take place around us. Evidence of animals and especially plant life are featured in all of these pieces. All of the small still life objects that are represented came from the trails and fields that I frequented at the time. The backgrounds of the pieces were done spontaneously – as a potter might decorate a ceramic vessel or plate – but with some premonition as to the objects that would become the foreground. Hence there is a relationship in color temperature or in atmosphere that I expect may relate to a feeling brought home to me by the natural environment. This all began as a process which started during my walks in the hills or chaparral. In the studio later, the combination of small objects and background provided the subject and more importantly the content on which to contemplate another day and the hours spent held in the fine and miraculous balance on our blue planet.