Paintings            GARY BARTEN
Planting StickPlanting Stick - detail Taken Away with the TideTaken Away with the Tide - detailSeed-Stone-Farm Seed-Stone-Farm  - detailPropagation PlanPropagation Plan - detailRemembering SleepRemembering Sleep - detailMonday: Fossil Fire Monday: Fossil Fire - detailLiving at Sea LevelLiving at Sea Level - detail Years: ... under the bridge.Years: ... under the bridge.Chapter: Loosening the Blood KnotChapter: Loosening the Blood Knot - detail #1Chapter: Loosening the Blood Knot - detail #2Sunday: Urban EosSunday: Urban Eos - detailBeneath the PilesBeneath the Piles - detail
Pralaya Record (Dissolution Ptgs Part 2)
Pralaya, in Hindu cosmology an aeonic term for Dissolution, which specifies different periods of time during which complete non-activity persists with the Mahapralaya standing for the Great Dissolution.