Paintings            GARY BARTEN
Habilis Half-LifeHabilis Half-Life - detailFalling Light TowerFalling Light Tower - detailA WayA Way - detail Tread WaysTread Ways - detail 1Tread Ways - detail 2Now and Then ViewNow and Then View - detail Night Bloom WayNight Bloom Way - detail 1Night Bloom Way - detail 2Night Bloom Way - detail 3Late Day Tread WayLate Day Tread Way - detail 1Late Day Tread Way - detail 2Dry WellsDry Wells - detail 1Dry Wells - detail 2
Dissolution Paintings
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The eternal seeks, and finds, the temporal,
The change from dark to light of the slow moon ...

Theodore Roethke

We live in a rainbow of chaos.

Paul Cezanne